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Dr. Charlotte Meier

Dr. Charlotte is my chiropractor, acupuncturist & functional health doctor. She is an incredibly loving & nurturing soul. 

She is a master at holding space for her clients and I am proud to be one of them.

I have been seeing her pre-during & post pregnancy with my two babies! Baby #2 is due this Fall!


Alexandria Rollet

Lexie is an incredible Astrologer & Human Design Specialist. She helps business owners tap into their specific energy type to fully step into their entrepreneurial gifts.

When Lexie told me I was a projector, it literally CHANGED MY LIFE. Since then, I have radically transformed how I manage my time, energy & align with my true purpose.

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William & Painter

This company makes the most amazing sunglasses! They have tons of cute styles and are so well made we wore them on our wedding day!

AND I love their business model. They have a lifetime warranty for scratched or broken glasses! 

It feels amazing to work with one company and know I am take care of for life. Get $30 off your first order with my link below!

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Organic Olivia

I have been following Olivia for years on Instagram and love watching her grow!

Olivia is a magical herbalist & soul sister who creates plant based tinctures to support your immune system, balance your hormones, help your body detox & so much more!

My favorite products are the Natal Nourish, Brain Juice & Peace Juice.

She even has a kids line that I use with my family! 

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Stitch Fix

A super magical way to have your own personalized shopper & clothes, accessories & shoes sent directly to you and your family! 

Fill out the intake form, take some brief quizzes, share your lifestyle & social profiles, add your Pinterest board & more!

Order your fix frequently or on-demand! Open up your box of 5 items, keep what you want, give your feedback and send the rest back!

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Kajabi is the all-in-one platform I use to run my site and my business.

This is how I create & host my website, online courses & membership. As well as my emails, landing pages, check out, blog & affiliate program.

If you're ready to become an online educator & entrepreneur - this is for you.

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Social Bee is AMAZING for sharing across many platforms. You can mass import your Canva fliers, customize the text, photos & links for each platform.

I love it is organized in categories - think, promo, blog, news, quotes, etc. And there's a concierge service to help you get started and grow your presence! And you can schedule a video chat whenever you need extra assistance.

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Trello is what I use for my to-do lists, timelines, projects & goals.

I also use Trello for group projects such as E-books & events. It is really helpful to be able to add your friends, family & colleagues onto a board, designate tasks & have it all in one place.

There is also a Trello App for your phone!

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For my visual learners out there, I highly recommend MindMeister. This is a website & phone App that allows you to create beautiful Mind Maps. 

Before I go to Trello, I often do a brain dump in MindMeister. It helps me see all the moving parts and then distinguish which ones I should prioritize. 

If you naturally crave a blank piece of paper to brainstorm - this is the tool for you.

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Stream Yard

My go-to for live video streaming to multiple platforms. StreamYard makes it super easy to brand your videos, add banners & logos. 

You can also screen share & invite your favorite guests to join you. You can also not go live and simply record using the studio.

You can also download the video & audio files which is great for podcasters & online course creators.

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My favorite way to create images, fliers, logos, banners, infographics, E-books & more!

There is literally everything you could want on here.

If you're not particularly design-oritented, Canva makes it SUPER easy to create really impressive, cohesive images that take your look & feel to the next level.

Check out the brand kit, templates, resize & printing services.

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