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As a former classroom teacher, I am dedicated to helping families and future generations become more aware of what they allow into their space - in all areas of life.
Tune in as I share my favorite tools to make life easier, more peaceful and enjoyable.
I interview my favorite healers, teachers and soulful business owners. I also throw in a few solo episodes here and there.
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A space created to share stories, inspiration and lessons along the declutter journey.

Decluttering is essentially - the art of letting go. The art of setting the stage for the life you have always desired.

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Follow along as I navigate life, motherhood & soulful entrepreneurship.


St. Louis Magazine

"Home organizer Anna Ortiz-Aragon is using this time to build her digital repertoire, including a “Declutter Your Business” Mastermind featuring ten entrepreneurs, as well as a “Declutter Your Life” podcast. On her social media accounts, she hosts a seven-day Declutter Challenge that will soon be released as a free online course. She's also in the process of editing videos featuring her process of working with clients.
“I'm going to be pumping all that out during this time, and it's a blessing,” Ortiz-Aragon says. "It's kind of tedious to be on the computer all of the time, but I'm like, 'Hey, I think this is the future.' I think that we are going to be able to reach people in a way that we never have.”
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