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An entire in-home or virtual walk through.

A personalized Do-It-Yourself guide.

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Join my sacred container & radically transform your life in 12 weeks.

"Anna inspired me to declutter and organize my apartment. I feel like I live in a new place! I look forward to coming home each day and feel so peaceful & cozy that I hardly want to leave!"

Washington University

"Anna leading me in cleaning out my house really was, and remains, life changing! I have more energy, I feel more confident & I take better care of myself - others and the environment. I am a more conscious consumer and my beautiful space has become even more sacred."

Asset Management

"Anna helped us declutter before a major surgery and move. The energy went from chaotic - to calm and peaceful. Our two & six year old children felt the difference and were more cooperative. Letting go of what no longer served us before the move, made our new space that much more special!"

LCSW & Reiki Master

"Anna, you are a definite healer and you attract teams of healers."

Sarah Hobson
Holistic Healer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Book an in-home or video consultation.
The process itself includes three phases: decluttering (70%), organizing (20%) and designing (10%).
An entire home can be completed in 5 weeks or over several months. Smaller spaces can be completed in a few hours or a couple of days.
The time however, depends on how ready we are to let go, how much we need to sort through and how quickly we make decisions.

I work with people who are ready to step into their power and ready to let go of all that no longer serves them. I seek fellow soulful entrepreneurs and mothers, as that is what I know best.

I tackle entire homes and workspaces including closets, basements, kitchens, playrooms, laundry rooms, offices, garages and more! 

​My strategy is to get to the root cause of the clutter and disorganization by using my intuitive, spiritual and healing gifts. Before we touch anything, it is important we learn more about you and how you move through your space.

This will allow you to feel empowered and prevent relapse.

I HIGHLY recommend not buying anything until the end. Buying is what usually got us into this situation in the first place.

Once we have the final inventory on what stays what goes, we discuss your personal style, take measurements and make recommendations.

This is a major cleansing and detox. We are physically moving and touching hundreds, if not thousands of items. We are letting go of things we have long neglected and avoided.

Please - allow whatever emotions, memories and fears to surface. Feel them. Breathe through them. And allow them to passStay hydrated, eat a good meal and get a good night's rest before & after.

Anna also offers one-on-one healing sessions including yoga, Reiki, oracle, tarot and astrology birth chart readings to guide, ground and balance us during this time of transition. This can be a special treat in my home or added before or after organizing. Click here to learn more.


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