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The Inside Job

Not only do I help women get organized in their homes & environment, I help them experience clarity (and therefore freedom) within the mind, body & soul.

Reiki Sessions & Certifications

Balance the energetic body with this ancient technique.

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Reiki & Sound Healing



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"Anna, you are a definite healer and you attract teams of healers."

Holistic Healer

"Anna has the magic touch!! She is truly gifted and very knowledgeable in spiritual healing. I highly recommend working with Anna if you are experiencing some blockages in your life and you are ready for a breakthrough!!! She is the real deal!"


"Anna is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. She has helped me declutter my life, improve on my fitness goals, and feel more at ease overall. I would recommend her to anyone!"

Account Manager

"Anna really cares about her clients and makes sure that my need are met. She has a real soothing and encouraging presence."

Educational Specialist

One-On-One Coaching

Join my sacred container & radically transform your life in 12 weeks.

Spiritual & Intuitive Readings

Tapping into our Highest selves with divinity tools & ancient sciences.

Tarot & Oracle Cards



Ask specific questions.

Or go for a universal message.

Receive immediate guidance.

And clear action steps.

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Recognize your gifts.

Understand your challenges.

Learn to balance the two.

Begin to integrate your life path.


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Understand your design.

Tap into your individuality.

Receive clear guidance.

Begin to move with your energy.


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Join my sacred circles of incredible soulful momtrepreneurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I was born a healer. I am Peruvian, with Shaman & Gypsy roots. I am Californian, with yoga & meditation in my blood. I grew up with healers, card readers, astrologists and mediums. I learned from them and studied on my own.

I use cards, movement and energy energywork  to receive messages from my guides and pass them along.

I became a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer in 2014 and 2015.

I completed my 200 hour Power of Baptiste yoga teacher training in Sausalito, California in 2017 while pregnant with my first born. Prenatal yoga is crucial to my peace & wellbeing during pregnancy. I am actively practicing and teaching with my second pregnancy now.

I completed Levels I & II of Usui Reiki in Clayton, Missouri in 2019. And Reiki III Master in February, 2020 in Ballwin, Missouri.

I am a life-long learner and here to share this wonderful wisdom and help you along your journey.

Reiki is an ancient Eastern healing art of balancing our energy, cleansing our aura and healing physical, emotional and spiritual trauma & dis-ease.

Reiki is a hands-on (or just above the body) healing modality that clears the energetic body, strengthens our aura and brings us back into balance.

I am a Usui Reiki Master. And certify Levels I, II & III.

​Astrology is the study of the cosmos. Including the planets, the stars, the moons and beyond. Astrology is one of the most ancient and indigenous sciences.

Astrology teaches us what energies we were born with, how we are effected as the cosmos evolve and how to make the best choices to remain in optimal alignment.

Numerology is the study of numbers, their vibrations and influence on our life. Math has been around since the beginning of time and is the universal language. All we need is your name and birth date.

Tarot & oracle cards are divinity tools used to receive messages from our guides and our higher Self.

Tarot originated in Europe thousands of years ago and includes 78 cards, four suits and the major & minor acana. Tarot follows a particular story while oracle cards are more open to interpretation. Oracle cards often have the meaning written directly on them.

Readings can be done for guidance on a particular question or theme in your life, or open for whatever message you are ready to receive.

Sound Healing is the ancient art of clearing out stagnant energyshaking out tension, imbalances & dis-ease in the mind, body & soul.

There is no wonder why we love music, because it works. I use my Reiki-infused crystal singing bowls attuned to different chakras as well as my favorite playlist, Meditative Mind, during my healing sessions.

Online Education

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