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Transform your life with my 12-week program.


If your mind is full, it's nearly impossible to focus on your environment.

Get your mind right.

The majority of what my clients struggle with are actually mental & emotional blockages.

Clutter is a symptom of a bigger issue. 

It's a sign that you are overwhelmed, exhausted & out of sorts. 

That you don't know where to begin, how you'll ever finish or what's truly important. 

And that creates a constant state of indecision, stress & chronic imbalance.

Identify the root cause.

Beginning with the mindset allows you to nip all of these worries in the bud.

This work is so powerful that you will likely be able to declutter & organize on your own after this.

Once you have gained the mental clarity, confidence & energetic band-with you are free!

You can effectively deal with your surroundings & all perceived obstacles cease to exist.

Do the inner work.

Clearing the mind is no easy feat. It requires some serious introspection & shadow work.

You've got to face those uncomfortable feelings, memories & triggers.

Pull all of the skeletons out of the closet, face the music & release all the baggage.

Allowing yourself the time & space to truly heal and let go is the only way out.

Join my sacred container.

As a former Juvenile Detention & special education teacher, I have seen it all.

I am a natural listener & holistic healer. I have the gift of sight & can easily identify what is really going on.

Over these 12-weeks together, we will radically transform your life. 

We will call back your energy, strengthen your intuition & develop a deeper relationship with your inner-knowing.

I would be honored to serve you, learn from you & grown with you.

Program Overview

During this 12 weeks together you will recieve:

  • 6 one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • 6 easy empowerment exercises.
  • A 29-page workbook.
  • Office hours for extra support.
  • An online portal & app.
  • Lifetime access to my library of resources.
  • BONUS - 2 virtual organization sessions. 

I Am Ready For A Massive Shift

I am ready to call in the clarity, freedom & inner-guidance I so deeply desire.

"I am walking in my purpose with creative freedom. I have the power to say no to anything that doesn't align with me."

Chiropractor, Acupuncturist & Functional Health Doctor

"I am focused on who & what I am first. I am more confident and authentic. I am okay with not forcing things - walking in my ebb & flow. I align everything around me with what I want."

Author, Speaker & Networking Guru

"I have so much more clarity about what I am doing in life and with my business. I recognize the vehicles I want to use & how to reach my goals. I have taken the fear out of saying no and saying yes to what's in my heart."

Virtual Assistant & CEO

"I am so much more focused on myself. I trust and focus on my intuition so much more than when we started. I am receiving so many downloads and am officially ready to launch my first business!"

Engineering Lead & Entrepreneur

"I feel so much more clarity and intentionality in my business. It was so wonderful to witness everyone being so lit up week after week!"

Integrative Health & Wellness Coach

Free Personality Tests

Begin to truly know thyself by identifying your inner-workings, influences & energy type.

I'm a huge fan of all of these tools & use them on a regular basis - with my former students, current clients, family members & friends!

It really helps to know what you naturally gravitate towards & connect dots that may not have made sense before.

Get to know yourself on a whole other level.

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