How I Automated My Business While On Vacation

Guys, I am literally sitting here in California living my best life.

My business is automated and I am able to be here with my family and enjoy the creative bursts as they arrive.

I am free to write, create a video & record a podcast - or whatever - as the mood arises!

This is literally what I've been dreaming of for years now and it is HERE!

I am so blessed, so honored & so in alignment with how I want life to be.

Baby James is downstairs sleeping, my husband & I are eating this amazing fresh lunch and my sister is about to arrive.

In this movement I realized I have it all. I have everything that I have always wanted. I am free to move as I please. To enjoy every moment as the miracle it truly is.

I am blessed beyond measure and I am a written testament to how you can create the life of your dreams.

I almost missed the moment when suddenly I realized that I can literally sit down and take this intuitive hit right now. 

I have taken care of everything...

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How I Am Managing My Time (During This Crazy Time)

Hey Friends,

It's been a while. I hope everyone is taking good care of themselves. 

What a crazy time. And what a magical time. 

My amazing group of soulful entrepreneurs and I have grabbed this moment by the horns and are pumping out amazing content and brilliant, new ideas!

We have kept fear at bay by taking time to rest, settle into our new reality (for the time being) and collaborating.

There is a lot of magic in the air, despite the craziness.

First of all, I've been virtually organizing with my sister and it is super fun, super easy and super exciting. 

Second of all, I am implementing a new program where I am offering a free 2 hour virtual organization sessions, every week, until we are on the other side of this.

I am calling for nominations for first responders, teachers, healers & community leaders! This is our time to give back to those who are constantly giving and serving others. 

If you know of anyone who could use some private...

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Declutter Your Time



This year I treated myself to a new planner, the Legend Planner.

I am so excited to get back to writing, my friends. For real.

Writing helps me relax, helps me get things out of my mind, helps me create more space .

Writing allows me to think, to grow, to rest and recharge.

Writing is liberating and has been a major source of my calm, my healing and my sanity during the toughest times of my life.

As a single, pregnant mother living all the way across the country from my family, I wrote everyday.

Sometimes twice a day.

I was working the Saint Louis Country Juvenile Detention center and writing everyday.

The kids always wondering what I was doing. They knew I was getting some stuff off my chest. And they knew that I was making space - in some way, shape or form.

And they trusted me and what I did to take care of myself because O was grounded, fully expressed and at ease.

They too, would write if they got bad news from court. They would write as they got difficult...

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