How I Got My Husband to Put the Silverware Away Correctly


Fam! I cracked a code in my house!!! I GOT MY HUSBAND TO PUT THE SILVERWARE AWAY (correctly) WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING!

How you might ask?

By labeling!!! I‘ve had this label maker long before I was a professional organizer. And I use it for art supplies, tools and really specific items.

Yesterday, a stroke of brilliance came to me. Don’t you love it when that happens. I labeled the silverware drawer in silence and walked away.

I heard my hubby unloading the dishwasher, like the angel he is, and smiled.

Without drawing any attention to the fact (this is crucial), I opened the drawer as he stepped away and saw this masterpiece!

Making moves in silence is one of my favorite things to do. I learned it as a little kid and mastered it teaching K-12 in alternative schools and Juvenile Detention. Which was 95% boys by the way and demonstrates the deep prejudices we have. But that’s a story for another time... #sorrynotsorry

When you want to shift a habit, and...

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