How I Created A Last Minute Virtual Summit

Hey All,

This quarantine has been wild right?

Never in my life would I have imagined that the whole world would be staying home, schools closed & everything on hold until further notice.

What a time to be alive! And what a time for our creative juices!!

Never have we all been in the same boat before.

Never have we all been forced to turn inwards, face our shadows & experience a whole new way of life.

It's incredibly exciting and exhilarating!

So much energy in the air.

Many of us are business owners.

During this time we are being forced to pivot our businesses, evolve overnight or close our doors. I'm using this time to tune in, spend time with my family, rest & realign.

I'm a Capricorn moon, and have a lot of Capricorn energy in me. I go HAM when I work. I have really high standards and execute. At the same time, I also put a lot of things to do the side. That's my Gemini. I keep it moving. I have many interests and talents, and love to be...

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