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This year I treated myself to a new planner, the Legend Planner.

I am so excited to get back to writing, my friends. For real.

Writing helps me relax, helps me get things out of my mind, helps me create more space .

Writing allows me to think, to grow, to rest and recharge.

Writing is liberating and has been a major source of my calm, my healing and my sanity during the toughest times of my life.

As a single, pregnant mother living all the way across the country from my family, I wrote everyday.

Sometimes twice a day.

I was working the Saint Louis Country Juvenile Detention center and writing everyday.

The kids always wondering what I was doing. They knew I was getting some stuff off my chest. And they knew that I was making space - in some way, shape or form.

And they trusted me and what I did to take care of myself because O was grounded, fully expressed and at ease.

They too, would write if they got bad news from court. They would write as they got difficult...

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