How I Made Life Easier During Corona

Hey Fam!

It's been a while! How are we holding up? How are we doing as parents? How are we doing as individuals? How are we doing as members of society?

I for one, am feeling pretty damn good.

I am blessed to have 50/50 parenting with my son's father! #hallelujahcorona

I am 6.6 months preggo. And taking extra care to rest, feel into my body & get out in nature. #kayaking

I am loving my work-life balance. #projector

I am attracting more abundance than ever.

And resting as much as ever!

Can you believe it?

Since the Corona went down, I've led two Soulful Entrepreneurship Masterminds, two virtual summits, a masterclass& launched my Declutter Your Life Membership!

Now, after being several months transitioning to this new world - I am currently diving deep into two courses - one for numerology and another for human design & astrology! Led by two of my besties - Ashaleah Tuter & Alexandria Rollet.

I am so...

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