How My Birth Story Directly Relates to My Business

Photo by Natalie Schlegel.

Dear Fellow Mamas,

I love you guys. Point, blank period.

Being a mom is a calling I've had for many lifetimes. 

I've been to past life readers and heard many stories of my families.

At one point I had 9 kids! 

At another point, I was married to my current husband (#soulmates) and cared for our 3 kids as he went off to war in the UK.

I moved into a communal living village, hubby came back a war hero & we lived happily ever after.

Another time, I lost a son.

In another lifetime I had Baby Nathaniel (due in 3 weeks!) and his name was Noah.

I have a stellium (many planets) in my 4th house (#astrology) which means the home & family are super important to me.

I've always loved kids. I was a camp counselor, volleyball & soccer coach and K-12 teacher for many years.

In this lifetime, I became a single mom at 28.

It was the the hardest thing I have ever done.

Second only to recovering from PTSD from a domestic violence situation.


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