How I Got My Husband to Put the Silverware Away Correctly


Fam! I cracked a code in my house!!! I GOT MY HUSBAND TO PUT THE SILVERWARE AWAY (correctly) WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING! 🗣✊🏽🥇👏🏽🏆

How you might ask?

By labeling!!! I‘ve had this label maker long before I was a professional organizer. And I use it for art supplies, tools and really specific items.

Yesterday, a stroke of brilliance came to me. Don’t you love it when that happens. 😍🙌🏽 I labeled the silverware drawer in silence and walked away. 😂🙏🏽

I heard my hubby unloading the dishwasher, like the angel he is, and smiled.

Without drawing any attention to the fact (this is crucial), I opened the drawer as he stepped away and saw this masterpiece! 😍😩😭🥇✊🏽🏆💫👏🏽🎉🎊

Making moves in silence is one of my favorite things to do. I learned it as a little kid and mastered it teaching K-12 in alternative schools and Juvenile Detention. Which was 95% boys by the way and demonstrates the deep prejudices we have. But that’s a story for another time... #sorrynotsorry

When you want to shift a habit, and have already verbally addressed the behavior, using a sweet, simple tool such as a label maker can make ALL the difference.

Nobody likes a nag. And nobody wants to keep doing things “wrong.” Adding some subtle, visual guidance is often the best solution for everyone involved.

Ladies (and gentlemen) if you’re looking to really put those final touches on your home, correct certain behaviors and create lasting solutions, hit me up!

I am here to guide, here to serve and here to make the world a more beautiful, harmonious place.

Love & Light, Anna

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