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To heal families and future generations by teaching them to become more aware of what they allow into their space - in all areas of life.


To solve systemic and social issues by bringing awareness to the power of our environment. 


Designing and organizing sacred spaces.



Diana, Washington University

Anna was amazing! She got me inspired to declutter and completely organize my apartment. I have felt like I live in a new place ever since! I look forward to come home each day and feel so peaceful and cozy in my own space that I hardly want to leave!

Laura, Reiki Master

Anna helped us declutter before a major surgery and moving into a new home. The energy went from chaotic to calm and peaceful. Our 2 and 6 year old children even felt the difference and were more cooperative. Letting go of what no longer served us before the move, made our new space that much more special.

Janet, Investment Advisor

Anna leading me in cleaning out my house really was, and remains, life changing!  I have more energy, feel more confident and take better care of myself, others and the environment. I don’t buy things that I don’t need and my beautiful space has become even more sacred. 

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